Tall Ships Races 2017 participants in Hanko

After working full day on Li it was a pleasure to take a walk alongside of vessels participating the Tall Ships Races 2017. Ships are on their way to Turku and can be visited there 20.-23.7.2017.

In the first picture S/Y Merisissi, the sea scout training vessel under Finnish flag. Designed by German Frers jr. built 1981-82. Her aluminium hull of course catched my interest!

The movie that has inspired me a lot

The movie of Voyage that has inspired me to carry on through tough times. The movie made by Yves Gélinas is also the evidence that there is still the world where money and status aren’t the highlights of life.

The movie also teaches that we just have to accept our mistakes and carry on trying!

I wrote an email to Yves in year 2012 to thank him about giving courage to believe that sailing dreams can come true. To my delight Yves replied and found to be as warm and real person that you can recognize in the movie.

I believe that memories and experiences are the most expensive capital of life.

Please watch the trailer of the movie With Jean du Sud Around the World!

Original Li back in the water

We launched Li, the ancestress of this project, yesterday. Now electronics needs to be finished, sails and windvane brought on board and we are ready to sail again!

Original Li is back in the water

Night walk in the moonlight

Night walk in the moonlight. Dozens of kilometers have been walked here planning for this project.

Ode to aluminium as a boat building material

When we bought Li she had been badly neglected and had been on hard eight years. You can see in the pictures below the terrible mess inside of the hull when I first time took of the floor boards in 2011! After cleaning the hull looked fine. Only the areas where coins, pieces of electric wire, rust from old tools and other harmful trashes had been sitting for decades showed some surface corrosion. So the coin corroding trough aluminium hull is a myth.

Getting Li ready for the water

Spring and early summer have been full of work. We had lots of dive inspections of waterway bridges and after that I have been editing videos, images and scanner material for reports. The office work, which I don’t really enjoy. And in the middle of all that working also with the design project.

High hopes of sailing in August! Yesterday I painted the antifouling. The neighbor had a party and they played loud the Janis Joplin’s hit song released in 1968. Maybe the song has been listened also in first sailing season of the Li!

Aluminium yacht Li

The hull is slowly getting her forms

Janne and I have been gathering in our pop-up office during June, working based on 3D-sketch provided by Jean-François. It’s inspiring to see the hull slowly getting her forms in 3D in the process which started from my notebook.

Working in our pop-up office

Sailing in Norway

In 2004 when I was still working in the Finnish Maritime Museum I had a privilege to sail few days in Norway on board Colin Archer RS1. Historic rescue vessel took a part of regatta in Oslofjord. I went through my picture archives and decided to post few shots!

Sailing in Norway

Sailing in Norway

Sailing in Norway

Green voyage around the blue planet without fossil fuels

Conrad Colman’s epic voyage in Vendée Globe 2016-2017 has been my highest interest when following this edition of the legendary solo race.

The gutsy skipper set a goal to his nonstop around the world race that is in my category greater than ranking in results – to be the first sailor to complete the race without using the fossil fuels.

The heart of energy system onboard his open 60 Foresight Natural Energy is the electric motor which serves as a hydro generator. The system is provided by Oceanvolt from Finland.

Conrad has had a tough voyage but even losing his mast 793 nm before the finish line he is still going strong. The demonstration of a seamanship was shown when he successfully jury rigged his boat after hundred days of solo racing.

Edit 19.6.: Conrad reached Sables d’Olonne on 24.2.2017!

Collecting plastic trash out of the shores

We tend to collect plastic trash out of shorelines of nearby Baltic Sea islands during the day trips. The most common items are small pieces of plastic which are parts of objects that are perished by the effect of UV-rays and have finally been broken into little pieces.

Among recently thrown away intact objects there can be found plenty of plastic bottles, earplugs and empty shotgun shells.