Collecting plastic trash out of the shores

We tend to collect plastic trash out of shorelines of nearby Baltic Sea islands during the day trips. The most common items are small pieces of plastic which are parts of objects that are perished by the effect of UV-rays and have finally been broken into little pieces.

Among recently thrown away intact objects there can be found plenty of plastic bottles, earplugs and empty shotgun shells.


Optimistic madness

I’m a lucky fellow, even in the middle of hard times – every time I wake up I have the direction, goal and cause. It can be found in this website.

But what I mean about optimistic madness? As an entrepreneur I associate the optimistic madness strongly to attitude of work and desire to start new projects. And that is something our society needs in economically hard times. Only optimistic madness can produce ideas where the true ambition is involved. And only that ambition can be the fuel of mind that will carry you through tough times. Without that strength many great projects would have never been started or at least they wouldn’t have fought ahead.

To activate your optimistic madness you can start from a very tiny move. If you change the course in one degree, within a short distance you won’t notice anything, but when a year has passed the situation is rather different. The main point is to begin now and not to underestimate the effect of little things.

Do you know where are you going to? If you don’t, you might have missed one of the most meaningful things in life. The saddest thing is that some people know where they want to go, but still they are moving to the opposite direction. It’s always softer to swim within the stream than struggle against it.

With a strong ambition the failures can also be accepted and they can be learned to see as a part of the progress. And the path towards the goal have to be seen valuable. For me that’s a privilege to even get a possibility to start the Li Yachts design project, which was only a tiny crumb of optimistic madness a year ago. I was only drawing sketches on my notebook of the boat to fulfill my desired way of living.

Drawing sketch after sketch

Features of original aluminium yacht Li

Aluminium yacht at natural harbor in Baltic Sea

My inspiration

This project is named after original Li and coincidentally it’s also the symbol of lithium, which is needed in batteries to power up our zero fossil fuels concept. Low impact – also Li.

Li law of the nature