Plastic pollution in Baltic Sea

People behind Li Yachts have strong commitment to marine conservation. Focusing to simple straight-forward actions by which we all can be part of the change and start today.

Oceans have plastic garbage patches but in Baltic Sea region we have our own local scale marine plastic pollution problem. Maybe during this coming boating season you can bring to land more trash than you produced yourself?

It’s time to rethink boater’s old principle of neutral impact to nature. As an improvement to manner of leaving zero plastic waste behind – you can leave even a positive impact.

In the picture below our catch during Earth Day 2018 with plastic pollution theme. Collecting plastic trash on an island.

Plastic pollution in Baltic Sea

Spring in Baltic Sea

Just over a week ago we had still ice. Today the harbour was free.

Rushing to all favourite islands before the protection time for nesting seabirds begins.

Here you can see how it was just a week ago. You can hear the sounds of first eiders that have just gathered on nearby islets.

And today a week later.

Season has started – time to breath again. More.

Spring has come to Baltic Sea

Contrasts of the winter weather on the shore of Baltic Sea

During this week it seems that weather was trying to stimulate the design work. Nature began the week by blowing more power to the mind and ended it with serene calm to help focusing to the process.

We are preparing for CFD-simulations of the hull.

Baltic Sea is calm after winter storm

Snowy shore and calm Baltic Sea

Beautiful moments of late autumn

After the autumn sailing voyage we spend a weekend in the nearby islands enjoying beautiful autumn weather. As usual we also brought few full waste bags of plastic trash out of the nature.

Late autumn sunset view of Baltic Sea

Night walk after working day on Li

Refreshing night walk after crawling on Li’s deck for installing new fairleads. The walk was crowned by a beautiful sunset!

Sun has set to the Baltic Sea

Cirrus uncinus

Cirrus uncinus clouds in the picture that I took today while working on Li. Name of the cloud refers to hooks in Latin. In Finnish our term of them refers skid of the sledge – jalaspilvi.


Tall Ships Races 2017 participants in Hanko

After working full day on Li it was a pleasure to take a walk alongside of vessels participating the Tall Ships Races 2017. Ships are on their way to Turku and can be visited there 20.-23.7.2017.

In the first picture S/Y Merisissi, the sea scout training vessel under Finnish flag. Designed by German Frers jr. built 1981-82. Her aluminium hull of course catched my interest!

Night walk in the moonlight

Night walk in the moonlight. Dozens of kilometers have been walked here planning for this project.

Collecting plastic trash out of the shores

We tend to collect plastic trash out of shorelines of nearby Baltic Sea islands during the day trips. The most common items are small pieces of plastic which are parts of objects that are perished by the effect of UV-rays and have finally been broken into little pieces.

Among recently thrown away intact objects there can be found plenty of plastic bottles, earplugs and empty shotgun shells.


Collecting driftwood from the islands

Traditonally islanders have collected driftwood for utilization, to be used for building material or to be burned for heating. We are doing still the same, the days when we know how to split the uranium-235.

Collecting driftwood for the winter

Heating with driftwood