Li Yachts 40 VPP polar diagram

Many of us might think that the use of VPP analysis (velocity prediction program) is more related to competitive sailing. But that’s also good tool in cruising boat design to reach desired capabilities. Here you can find the polar plot of final hull form of 40 ft model.

I can happily say that it shows us that the concept design has achieved its goals.

Cruising boat needs to perform well in all points of sail without any segment over highlighted. That’s the key element for good mean speed in long rung in variable conditions. We had a target of rounded performance with little more efficient performance when the wind is aft of the beam. Polar plot shows that the main designer Jean-François André has successfully designed the hull to meet the goals of sailing performance.

Thanks to Mikko Brummer from WB-Sails of full VPP analysis!

VPP polar diagram Li yachts 40

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