Power of the blue moment

Days are getting shorter but in the design project we need to push forward and maintain the energy for the work.

There are many things in the design process that needs to be realized from sketches to real design. We also need to produce first rendered images of the boat to give people better idea of the concept.

Few fundamental arrangements will require lots of thinking. Just to mention one, cockpit is one of these. My basic idea was of course based of simplicity and safety – narrow sole with a tiller steering. In offshore there is nobody behind the wheel and in harsh conditions I prefer better support and safety of narrow cockpit. That also gives more space below and large volume lazarette under aft deck that would be lost with an open transom, which is needed with large cockpit with the wheel. For some people the wheel is a must, but obviously that won’t work with the same cockpit design with my original idea.

Sometimes it feels that there is too many things to consider and choices to make. Some might say that the solution would be just to design two options. Reality is that in the boat everything is connected to each others and that’s why changing one arrangement causes domino effect of changes – so designing two optional choices is not always the answer.

Basic principle that rises up every day is to keep in mind the right guideline answers to question “why”.

There are also thoughts that needs to be kept in background of mind in a project like this. If you let yourself to think too much about risks or for example challenges of proto boats you will lose visibility of the progress and waste the courage to go on.

After a walk and taking a few shots of beautiful blue moment of November’s fading day I was more focused again. The goal of opportunity to live onboard surrounded by these experiences of nature every day is pushing me forward!

Blue moment in shore of the Baltic Sea

Blue moment of short November's day at waters edge of Baltic Sea

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