Sketch drawing of aluminium sailboat for ocean expedition


"I have always been fascinated about the idea of sailboat traveling on the ocean energy self-sufficient like the satellite rounding the earth. Producing its own energy by the power of wind, sea and sun.

The Li Yachts project started with my own desire of the boat that will be used in dive expeditions with aim to reach even the remotest locations – and I wanted to do that with freedom of fossil fuels."


We are in the middle of design process of 40&47 ft centreboard pilothouse sailboats made of aluminium. My search for the perfect cruising boat lead me to start this design project and a company called Li Yachts in 2015 in Finland. The basis was a life-time passion for the sea. Contributing personal factors included my long sailing experience in Nordic waters and the technical and artisan education I had completed earlier. Also my desire to realise long research expeditions on the world’s oceans in the future was part of my personal background.

The strongest motivational factor was the fact that I was not satisfied with the properties of most modern yachts. Based on the above, the need for a totally new sailing boat concept crystallised.

My goal in the Li Yachts Project is to create a modern sailboat made of aluminium, the boat of the next century. The main design elements will include safety, practicality and sustainability. The new design concept covers production, use and maintenance. Zero pollution and high level of recycling of materials are some of the specific goals. Please read more about the background in The Blog page.

At a very concrete level, I have understood what changes in design will be needed for the boat of the future when I have been owning, operating and re-building an old aluminium sailboat called Li built in 1967, which I have been sailing for a few years by now.

During the years with my current aluminium yacht, I have kept notes on the observations as regards the design elements which could be improved. In many cases they would actually need to be drastically redefined in order to satisfy my dreams as to the perfect expedition sailboat. For more information of these details, kindly see The Concept page.

I believe I am not alone with my thoughts. I think most experienced sailors would share my ideas. I believe many of them have actually realised there is a need for some basic changes in the design as regards our future yachts.

As the resources of the world are becoming more and more scarce, we need to take this into consideration, in addition to considering the improvements needed in other operational details of a sailing boat.

After the initial planning, we have now come to a point where Li Yachts is ready to share the new ideas, receive input and find cooperation partners in order to proceed to the production phase little by little. The design process is at full speed. An outline of the boat exists and work continues now on the details of design. After the technical design phase is finished it's time to produce the first prototype boats.

Please contact me in case you need more information or want to share design or production ideas. A new advanced and sustainable aluminium sailboat will soon sail the seas and oceans of the world.

Best wishes,


Signature of founder of Li Yachts

Simo Nyrönen

Founder of Li Yachts