Winter sailing in Finnish archipelago

I think that beautiful Finnish archipelago, which is one of world’s largest, is the place we should promote more! The area can offer great adventures during off season times.

I believe that we should market also the off season time in our unique archipelago to the international sailors seeking different adventures. Countless sheltered anchorages, no tides, silence, peaceful privacy and lots of small harbours to visit.

Just a few weeks after the last sailing trip the sea looked different as you can see on second video.

Gliding forward under spinnaker

I was feeling high! For me a great thing in life is that you never know what is going to happen. After an economically tight situation I found sailboat Li for the price of recycling metal, and it was possible to start living sailing life again.

When everything is uncertain anything positive can happen!

I was delighted to watch Li’s aluminium hull gently towed forward by beautiful secondhand spinnaker which cost 150 €.

From that starting point how it was possible start a design project of a new aluminium boat? Well, I think that I was just crazy enough to believe in dreams and took first careful steps forward.

Midsummer sailing

Despite the warm weeks in June beautiful midsummer nights are still cold offshore.

Captured on our way towards Estonia. Barely enough speed to steer Li. I have taken over from wind vane.

Just sitting there for hours and letting the mind wander. No hurry. Saturn and Jupiter low in the southern sky. In the north the glow of the sun which goes only seven degrees below the horizon at our latitude. We have just the nautical twilight.

Sailing in Baltic Sea midsummer time

Li classic aluminium boat

Many have asked curious questions about our old Li 31 ft classic aluminium boat and her designer, so here comes few answers!

In the picture below Li’s side profile and sailplan, combined with the photograph where you can see her beautiful underwater hull shape. Original drawing by Olle Enderlein – one of the greatest Nordic yacht designers from Sweden.

His works aren’t so familiar any more to most sailors. He had a great role in building the beginning of Hallberg Rassy’s success. From Mistral 33 and Mistress 32 to Rasmus 35 and Monsun 31 and later the boats like HR 38 and HR 352, which introduced some features that still can be found on Hallberg Rassy yachts.

Li’s round bilge aluminium hull was built in 1967 in Fårösund, Gotland, Sweden. Using aluminium for cruising boat was rare at the time. Aluminium was a material for racing machines like Eric Tabarly’s Pen Duick III which was built in the same year as Li!

When we bought Li she had been badly neglected and had been on hard eight years.

I was looking at this design drawing for information about the designed sailplan when planning to replace Li’s original foresails from 1967 which we still have used!

Aluminium yacht Li designed by Olle Enderlein

Just pure sailing

Have you already seen this? I shared this during the Xmas with the following text:

This is a peaceful little Xmas movie. Maybe especially to all sailors. If you are surrounded by unnecessary items and abundance of food, it’s refreshing to watch about one man’s courage to fulfill his greatest dream.

Flashback about tragedy which finally led to inspiration to Li Yachts

Exactly 10 years ago at offshore worksite northern storm ripped away the container where the equipments of my young commercial diving company were stored, it drifted away during the night and flooded because of the holes cut into it and finally sank. Never found, it was a total loss.

What comes to sailing, all the money that I had saved for a boat and one year’s voyage went to starting my company again, which was hard during long economical depression. So I bought the only boat that I could afford by the price of recycling metal.

The boat was aluminium yacht Li, which inspired the design project of new boat and gave her name to Li Yachts. Interesting point here is that a tragedy can also be a new beginning with an unknown and interesting direction – an adventure.