Just pure sailing

Have you already seen this? I shared this during the Xmas with the following text:

This is a peaceful little Xmas movie. Maybe especially to all sailors. If you are surrounded by unnecessary items and abundance of food, it’s refreshing to watch about one man’s courage to fulfill his greatest dream.

Flashback about tragedy which finally led to inspiration to Li Yachts

Exactly 10 years ago at offshore worksite northern storm ripped away the container where the equipments of my young commercial diving company were stored, it drifted away during the night and flooded because of the holes cut into it and finally sank. Never found, it was a total loss.

What comes to sailing, all the money that I had saved for a boat and one year’s voyage went to starting my company again, which was hard during long economical depression. So I bought the only boat that I could afford by the price of recycling metal.

The boat was aluminium yacht Li, which inspired the design project of new boat and gave her name to Li Yachts. Interesting point here is that a tragedy can also be a new beginning with an unknown and interesting direction – an adventure.

First article about Li Yachts published

In new Purje-magazine there is an article about two aluminium boats, one 52 years old, one under design! Available only in Finland.

There will always be people who will tell you, that there is no sense to do something. Don’t listen. Last three years I have been working from a dream towards the reality with my project. If I’d listened, even the first step hadn’t been made.

Li Yachts 40 CFD simulations

CFD simulations going on with new cooperation partner Elomatic Oy. Final testing of the hull using modern tools. The picture shows the beginning of the work, wake pattern at speed of 7 knots with no heel and leeway. Simulations in heeled condition will be runned shortly.

CFD simulation sailboat

Li Yachts 40 VPP polar diagram

Many of us might think that the use of VPP analysis (velocity prediction program) is more related to competitive sailing. But that’s also good tool in cruising boat design to reach desired capabilities. Here you can find the polar plot of final hull form of 40 ft model.

I can happily say that it shows us that the concept design has achieved its goals.

Cruising boat needs to perform well in all points of sail without any segment over highlighted. That’s the key element for good mean speed in long rung in variable conditions. We had a target of rounded performance with little more efficient performance when the wind is aft of the beam. Polar plot shows that the main designer Jean-François André has successfully designed the hull to meet the goals of sailing performance.

Thanks to Mikko Brummer from WB-Sails of full VPP analysis!

VPP polar diagram Li yachts 40