Now it’s time to launch the slogan of this project and the story behind it!

We all know where comes the origins of the sentence. Our slogan will remind us the oceans vital role to life on this blue planet.

Famous song, which gave the origins of the slogan, was written to promote world peace. In the near future we will see that climate change will be one of the greatest hazards to sympathy on earth if the actions won’t be fast and effective.

Upcoming problems won’t know borders. Ever green song was performed in Our World television show, which was the first international satellite broadcast in 1967. Modern technology gathered the audience of  at least 400 million people, connecting the continents as the oceans do.

That year happens to be also the year when the original Li was built!

You might hear the first part of the French national anthem in your head and that’s the tribute to many inspirational French sailors through the decades.

The slogan describes our commitment to do something to help protect oceans within this project.

It also tells the self-sufficient goal of our Zero Fossil Fuel concept – ALL YOU NEED IS OCEAN.

Sophisticated technology made that satellite broadcast possible and the technology will be the only solution to the present day crisis which doesn’t know borders.

Slogan of Li Yachts

Plastic pollution in Baltic Sea

People behind Li Yachts have strong commitment to marine conservation. Focusing to simple straight-forward actions by which we all can be part of the change and start today.

Oceans have plastic garbage patches but in Baltic Sea region we have our own local scale marine plastic pollution problem. Maybe during this coming boating season you can bring to land more trash than you produced yourself?

It’s time to rethink boater’s old principle of neutral impact to nature. As an improvement to manner of leaving zero plastic waste behind – you can leave even a positive impact.

In the picture below our catch during Earth Day 2018 with plastic pollution theme. Collecting plastic trash on an island.

Plastic pollution in Baltic Sea

Spring in Baltic Sea

Just over a week ago we had still ice. Today the harbour was free.

Rushing to all favourite islands before the protection time for nesting seabirds begins.

Here you can see how it was just a week ago. You can hear the sounds of first eiders that have just gathered on nearby islets.

And today a week later.

Season has started – time to breath again. More.

Spring has come to Baltic Sea