Li classic aluminium boat

Many have asked curious questions about our old Li 31 ft classic aluminium boat and her designer, so here comes few answers!

In the picture below Li’s side profile and sailplan, combined with the photograph where you can see her beautiful underwater hull shape. Original drawing by Olle Enderlein – one of the greatest Nordic yacht designers from Sweden.

His works aren’t so familiar any more to most sailors. He had a great role in building the beginning of Hallberg Rassy’s success. From Mistral 33 and Mistress 32 to Rasmus 35 and Monsun 31 and later the boats like HR 38 and HR 352, which introduced some features that still can be found on Hallberg Rassy yachts.

Li’s round bilge aluminium hull was built in 1967 in Fårösund, Gotland, Sweden. Using aluminium for cruising boat was rare at the time. Aluminium was a material for racing machines like Eric Tabarly’s Pen Duick III which was built in the same year as Li!

When we bought Li she had been badly neglected and had been on hard eight years.

I was looking at this design drawing for information about the designed sailplan when planning to replace Li’s original foresails from 1967 which we still have used!

Aluminium yacht Li designed by Olle Enderlein

Welding with a joy

It’s time to take Li out of the water and winterize. Before that I had to fix my oblivion with her docking rack. When the boat was hoisted first time I just welded supports only with tiny seams when the crane was holding the boat. They had been that way since then. Now it was time to weld them correctly before any accident happens. That was a good example of risk when doing things temporarily!

Welding with Kemppi Minarc 180 Evo

Welding boat's winter rack

Barn swallow addicted to Li

The barn swallow is addicted to Li. He has a lot to tell – today I noticed that the trrrrr sound he makes reminds me of dolphins. I just wonder when I will meet them again?


Recycling waste materials when renovating Li

We have used as much secondhand or waste materials as possible when renovating original Li. Here is one little example. I have collected pieces of aluminium rod from worksites. The rod is used for supporting concrete molds. In the pictures below you can see their new life!

Aluminium rods waste material

Bending hooks of aluminium rod

Hooks in the cockpit locker