Sailing in Finnish archipelago

I have had a long break from all work projects. Please see the short video clips below! It’s great to work with boats and carry forward these design project but after all the sailing and experiences at sea are the most meaningful thing to do. They act as fuel to go on with the other things.

At the moment we are trying to reach the building stage of 40 ft prototype but unfortunately we can’t finance it yet. But we are not doing this because it’s easy.

Little bird passenger on a sailboat

And for now something completely different. With this video I would like to wish you happy Holidays and New Year!

This little visitor landed on Li’s deck! We were sailing from Haapsalu 🇪🇪 to Kökar 🇦🇽.

First half an hour she just slept keeping balance perfectly. Listen how I’m whistling and she blinks deep brown eyes. After gathering some energy she started to explore the deck. Going through every corner trying to find something to eat. As an insectivorous bird she didn’t like served rolled oats!

After catching one spider she started to do short preying flights around the boat and always returned to the aft deck to eat her catch. Many ladybugs lost their life. I didn’t even know that there are ladybugs in the middle of Baltic Sea.

This common redstart was unbelievable fearless! She let us even to touch gently her feather coat.

Then also another common redstart landed! She was soaking wet shivering on cockpit floor. But the first visitor was angry and drove her away.

To make this rare meeting more strange threatening falcon was gliding circles high above the boat almost two hours just like wanting to add some drama! Maybe it has been chasing these little birds and they were seeking for a shelter.

When the first islets were on sight the little passenger left. Captured 30.8.2021.

Winter sailing in Finnish archipelago

I think that beautiful Finnish archipelago, which is one of world’s largest, is the place we should promote more! The area can offer great adventures during off season times.

I believe that we should market also the off season time in our unique archipelago to the international sailors seeking different adventures. Countless sheltered anchorages, no tides, silence, peaceful privacy and lots of small harbours to visit.

Just a few weeks after the last sailing trip the sea looked different as you can see on second video.

Gliding forward under spinnaker

I was feeling high! For me a great thing in life is that you never know what is going to happen. After an economically tight situation I found sailboat Li for the price of recycling metal, and it was possible to start living sailing life again.

When everything is uncertain anything positive can happen!

I was delighted to watch Li’s aluminium hull gently towed forward by beautiful secondhand spinnaker which cost 150 €.

From that starting point how it was possible start a design project of a new aluminium boat? Well, I think that I was just crazy enough to believe in dreams and took first careful steps forward.