Winter sailing in Finnish archipelago

I think that beautiful Finnish archipelago, which is one of world’s largest, is the place we should promote more! The area can offer great adventures during off season times.

I believe that we should market also the off season time in our unique archipelago to the international sailors seeking different adventures. Countless sheltered anchorages, no tides, silence, peaceful privacy and lots of small harbours to visit.

Just a few weeks after the last sailing trip the sea looked different as you can see on second video.

Gliding forward under spinnaker

I was feeling high! For me a great thing in life is that you never know what is going to happen. After an economically tight situation I found sailboat Li for the price of recycling metal, and it was possible to start living sailing life again.

When everything is uncertain anything positive can happen!

I was delighted to watch Li’s aluminium hull gently towed forward by beautiful secondhand spinnaker which cost 150 €.

From that starting point how it was possible start a design project of a new aluminium boat? Well, I think that I was just crazy enough to believe in dreams and took first careful steps forward.

Midsummer sailing

Despite the warm weeks in June beautiful midsummer nights are still cold offshore.

Captured on our way towards Estonia. Barely enough speed to steer Li. I have taken over from wind vane.

Just sitting there for hours and letting the mind wander. No hurry. Saturn and Jupiter low in the southern sky. In the north the glow of the sun which goes only seven degrees below the horizon at our latitude. We have just the nautical twilight.

Sailing in Baltic Sea midsummer time

Just pure sailing

Have you already seen this? I shared this during the Xmas with the following text:

This is a peaceful little Xmas movie. Maybe especially to all sailors. If you are surrounded by unnecessary items and abundance of food, it’s refreshing to watch about one man’s courage to fulfill his greatest dream.

Aluminium yacht Li 50 years birthday tour

It has been very quiet in here for too long time! Apologies to all followers in here.

As you might have noticed the first set of rendered product images has appeared to website. Producing them wasn’t easy and I almost fell to endless fine tuning of details. The spring was busy.

Then we took a little break of the design project to prepare original Li for her 50 years birthday tour! That would also be my first real summer holiday since 2011, so it was well deserved.

Aluminium yacht Li

There has been so much enjoyable sailing, which is needed to keep this design process for the new boat going! We have visited unique places in The Baltic Sea and soaked energy.

Li’s CapeHorn windvane has been again the most important crew member. Below the dramatic capture of him, which I like most.

When the boat can sail on her own I can concentrate to create these images and video clips by which I hope to inspire others to set sail.

Now we have turned back towards north. Last month was very inspiring. The voyage has been mentally like this beautiful morning after beating against 16 m/s wind with steep waves of The Baltic Sea.

During the voyage we have talked a lot about the first prototype of Li Yachts. We call her in Finnish “Uusi Li”, which means The New Li. The design process is running forward constantly in the background of my mind. When taking a reef to cooking dinner – during everyday life onboard.

We have enough living space with original Li, but we are missing bicycles and full diving gear, which needs more storage. And I don’t mean folding bikes with small diameter wheels.

The best thing that you can do after sailing passage is another form of traveling without fossil fuel – cycling. Combining these two would be perfect.

We met a retired couple on their way from Baltic Sea to Canary Islands to escape dark northern winter. That brought to my mind the need for more speed, which would allow us to be also like migrating birds if some day the situation allows. More speed won’t come from high top speed. What matters is ability to keep high average speed all the time and minimizing the effort to do so.

I would like to end up this post with my thoughts, which I wrote down one morning.

Please find lots more images and video clips about the voyage on my Instagram profile. The site is accessible for anyone to view freely without the registration.

Tall Ships Races 2017 participants in Hanko

After working full day on Li it was a pleasure to take a walk alongside of vessels participating the Tall Ships Races 2017. Ships are on their way to Turku and can be visited there 20.-23.7.2017.

In the first picture S/Y Merisissi, the sea scout training vessel under Finnish flag. Designed by German Frers jr. built 1981-82. Her aluminium hull of course catched my interest!

The movie that has inspired me a lot

The movie of Voyage that has inspired me to carry on through tough times. The movie made by Yves Gélinas is also the evidence that there is still the world where money and status aren’t the highlights of life.

The movie also teaches that we just have to accept our mistakes and carry on trying!

I wrote an email to Yves in year 2012 to thank him about giving courage to believe that sailing dreams can come true. To my delight Yves replied and found to be as warm and real person that you can recognize in the movie.

I believe that memories and experiences are the most expensive capital of life.

Please watch the trailer of the movie With Jean du Sud Around the World!