Green voyage around the blue planet without fossil fuels

Conrad Colman’s epic voyage in Vendée Globe 2016-2017 has been my highest interest when following this edition of the legendary solo race.

The gutsy skipper set a goal to his nonstop around the world race that is in my category greater than ranking in results – to be the first sailor to complete the race without using the fossil fuels.

The heart of energy system onboard his open 60 Foresight Natural Energy is the electric motor which serves as a hydro generator. The system is provided by Oceanvolt from Finland.

Conrad has had a tough voyage but even losing his mast 793 nm before the finish line he is still going strong. The demonstration of a seamanship was shown when he successfully jury rigged his boat after hundred days of solo racing.

Edit 19.6.: Conrad reached Sables d’Olonne on 24.2.2017!

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